A Simple Answer…

What if the answer to the end of the world was simple? What if it was within our individual control? Would you step up?

Would you be excited and positive and eager to do what it takes?


What if you were told today, that all you need to do to save the world is put aside your ego and think and act in a positive way toward every living thing. All you need to do is put aside your belief that you are all that is important in this world and look at each person or animal with kindness, compassion, tolerance and openness. Humans have warred over religion, race, gender equality, and age, among other things, since the beginning of time, but forgotten one simple fact; we are all human, living, breathing, loving human beings. And because we have forgotten, or chose to overlook this fact, we find it easier than not to be selfish, individualistic, ego centered and self-centered. Now although this may sound harsh, take a look at this simple scenario.

A woman of any other race but your own, steps onto a bus, she is overweight and has mild body odor. She walks with a slight limp but has a smile on her face. There are no seats available, as the bus pulls forward she stumbles a bit but catches herself, giggles a little and makes a comment out loud to whomever wishes to listen about being clumsy. Did you smile at her? Did you offer her your seat? Did you wonder about her circumstances or send a positive thought her way. Or did you do nothing? Or did you think a negative, hurtful, inconsequential thought.

Regardless of religious background, any kind, tolerant and compassionate person will tell you there is power in prayer, and prayer to some is thought, to others it is called meditation or the process of manifestation. And when positive thoughts are sent outward into the universe they are picked up by others; humans, god, angels, whatever you  call your creator and that is because thought is energy and we choose, every moment of every day to put out positive or negative thoughts, without ever giving it much… thought. Every thought has power and power amplified by the number of people thinking and acting in a particular way can cause change in the world, good or bad. Now, what if I told you that all everyone had to do was be kind, honest, and compassionate, smile at one another and think positive thoughts about everything and everyone, every day. What if I told you that was all it would take to save the world from certain end? Some would say, “That’s not hard I already do that most of the time; when I think about it.”, or some might say, “That’s a load of @#$%, it cannot be that simple.” And yet others might say, “Sounds like a hippie love fest, it won’t work.” Or “Even if I do it others won’t; and then it wouldn’t work anyway.”

How do we think positive about the world and our lives when everything is a mess, the economy, unemployment? There is always some way to take a negative and turn it just a little to find something positive. Every rejection is one step closer to acceptance. A heavy rainstorm is a free car wash.  There is a reason and a purpose for everything, find the positive, but try. And remember you never know who you might be talking to, so always be kind and considerate, gentle and positive. Remember the woman on the bus, what if she was your creator or a messenger to your messiah, just checking in to see how you are doing, asking nothing of you, just checking in. Now ask yourself; How are you doing?

Take personal responsibility for your thoughts and actions; don’t let your choices depend on the actions of others. If enough of us decide to ” just be good, be kind, be compassionate, be positive, think positive and think of others in a positive light”, who knows, in one year we just might be able to change the outcome of 2012.

Remember, once upon a time a man built a big boat because people were unkind and selfish and the world needed a good toilet flushing, let’s not watch history repeat itself. Take personal responsibility; “Be the change you wish to see in the world and others will follow.”

By Kim Krueger



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2 responses to “A Simple Answer…

  1. Nice New year Resolution!…All must try!

  2. This is beautiful. I think we human are wired to think negative. It is always easier to look at something and say all kind of bad things. To be postiive, however, requires one to be more mindful and in control of the thoughts. It is always more comfortable to be finger pointing and pushing the blame to fuel our such-an-unfair-life-I-lead mentality. Life is definitely better if we lead the simple life you describe. Not impossible just that it would take time and more conscious effort. I wish to accomplish it by the end of 2012.

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