The World of Traegonia a Year in Review (As seen on Cafe Dreams)

The World of Traegonia
A Year in Review
(As seen on Cafe Dreams 12/6/2011) 
Ringing in 2011 in the World of Traegonia began with Dino and I working hard to get book 2, Traegonia the Ember Rune, to print. As I continue to write and create the words, Dino worked hard to turn out the illustrations. We found ourselves pushing deadlines, not wanting to rush the book, but hearing our fans’ excitement grow as they kept checking our website, Facebook as well as checking in at shows and through email for the release date. All of this while working, taking care of my family, marketing and selling books several weekends a month at craft and Art shows.
I had made the decision to republish our first book, Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy, at the same time with a new publisher. Smoothly is not the word I would use to describe how things went. Stress was high and as I was made aware later, Mercury was in retrograde; I told my family it felt like the planets were out of alignment or something. I’d say I worried all the time but I didn’t even have time for that. Finally we set our release date for the first week in August. We were scheduled to attend a wonderful festival called World of Fairies Festival, held every year in South Elgin, IL. We were to be the featured artists this year and were so excited to pair these two events together. Would we have books? We did, some, but our customers, fans and friends, (that is three words for one in the same), were awesome as usual. We sold out of the second book by 1:30pm on Saturday; we offered our customers a free set of our character post cards with every order placed with us at the show. We still had first edition copies of Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy and plenty of other items to sell. It turned out to be a beautiful and productive weekend. I love this show.
The following weekend was scheduled to be our first go at Wizard World Comic Con in Rosemont, IL. This would be a four day show of new clients who were into the fantasy genre. We truly didn’t know what to expect. Then a day before we were to set up for Comic Com, my daughter who is in college for marketing had a bright and crazy idea, Raffle off a sculpture! But we knew there was more, the sculpture would be created in the likeness, (I prefer ‘essence’) of the winner and would become a character in our third book. We all loved the concept. We posted it on our website and Facebook and the response was overwhelming. Understandably, the chance to win a custom sculpture of a Traegon worth $350 that would become a character in the next book, all for just $1 chance. Tickets were selling like crazy and the excitement of our loyal fans and our new fans was amazing. The winner was chosen on Sunday, the last day of Comic Con, and the weekend and the raffle were a huge success. The only thing Dino and I didn’t expect was to feel sad for those who didn’t win. But we understand that that is how a raffle works. We will do it again next year, it is so much fun to interact so closely with those who are as excited about our book and sculptures as we are and how cool is it, that some of those fans will be characters in one of  our future books.
Since then we have continued to do shows and have received several orders for the sculptures. I have started book 3 in the series and we have decided to put the books on audio as well, so I will start recording the audio books very soon. The decision to do audio books was due to multiple requests by those too busy to read and for the struggling readers out there, including one of my own daughters.
So much more happened between all of this including revamping our website and going ecommerce with the books, sculptures, and other wonderful items we have available. We continued to do shows and school visits all while living and working. As the year winds to a close it is fabulous to have this opportunity to look back on the wonderful, experiences, opportunities, and friends we enjoyed. We are greatly looking forward to 2012 as we plan to do more fantasy/ sci-fi shows, continue on with book 3, work on the audio books, and possibly even a coloring book for our youngest fans and aspiring readers. We continue to look for new ways to get the books out into the world and share our inspiration and love of Traegons with the world. So please stop by our Facebook page and ‘like’ us there for future events and updates in the World of Traegonia. No matter what you do Always Believe! 
Have A Peaceful, Joyful and Harmonious Holiday Season and A Prosperous and Healthy New Year!
Kim Krueger
(K.S. Krueger)

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