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Hello All,
It has been a very busy year for us, as most of you know book 2, Traegonia the Ember Rune, released back in August, to a very warm and anticipated audience. Thank you all for your patience and interest. I know everyone is busy and will get busier as we approach the Holiday Season, but I need to ask anyway. We Love Feedback and it helps us in our marketing, to gain more readers as well as helping to generate interest in school and library visits. That being said, if you can find a few minutes in your busy schedules to write a few sentences in an email that we can post on our website, or hop over to our Facebook and post it on our wall or in our discussions under ‘Reviews’. These are greatly appreciated. We are also open to gentle critiquing, what you like what you didn’t and what you might like to see in the future. That is one of the cool things about a series in progress, and we definitely are in progress on our third book in the series. We do not have a title yet but the characters are in development and the Location has been determined. We also will be posting the Curriculum/ Study Guide for Traegonia the Ember Rune in the next couple of weeks. The curriculum for both the first book Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy and Traegonia the Ember Rune are available for you to download for free to use in classrooms or for home schooling. Just pop over to our ‘;For Teacher’ page and you will find what you need.
We love seeing you at the different shows we attend and next year we are going to be trying several different ones. In August we attended our first Comic/sci-fi type convention. Traegonia was received incredibly well and we have decided to try several more in 2012. We invite you to go to our Facebook page to view the awesome and funny pictures from “Wizard World Comic Con”. We hit 300 likes on Facebook last month and are welcoming new friends every day, so if you have not liked us on Facebook yet, we would love to see you there. I works well for us to quickly post updates and events as sometimes emails can fall into spam folders and get over looked. Hope you will join us. We also have a few new sculptures that have been posted to the Facebook and will be posted to our website in the near future, along with updates on the Sculpture for our Raffle winner. It has not been completed yet but Dino is working on it and has said he would post photo updates as he goes. Our winner was Sylviette Young, she is a resident of Chicago who likes Karaoke, traveling and life.
I was working on the essence of the character and have already shared my thoughts with Sylviette so I’ll give you a sneak peek into this character. She is a Traegon from New York City; she is the girlfriend of one of the overloads. (Not the word we are going to use but they are part of a group of rogue Traegons.) Any way this female character lives in or around the Palace Theater in Time Square, she loves shiny things and is amazed by the wonders of the humans and theater life. She sneaks away into the dressing rooms when all the humans are gone and adorns herself with things she finds their. She even sometimes randomly breaks into song. Her name is Silverna. She will be a little more colorful and have more human world items about her. We hope you are as excited about her as we are. Dino has already posed her and I know she will be beautiful.
We have three more shows this year, We will be at the 32nd Annual Christmas in the Country Arts and Crafts Show in Sandwich, IL next weekend Nov. 12 and 13. It is a huge craft show held in three schools, Sandwich HS, Sandwich Middle School and Haskin Grade School. There is a shuttle bus that takes patrons from one shhool to the next and runs all day both days. We will be in the Haskin Grade School small gym, same as always. We will be at the Tinley Park Convention center, Dec. 3rd and 4th for the “Festival of Arts and Crafts” this is a great venue. And finaly we will be back at the College of Dupage Dec. 10th and 11th for our final show of the season. Remember if you would like to order signed copies of the books for Christmas you can always contact us directly through this email or by phone at the number at the bottom of the page. Our Events are posted on our Website and will be posted to Facebook as well.
Along with the additional event venues and working on the third book, we are going to be working on an audio book in an MP3 format and a coloring book called ‘Ige’s Quest’. For those of you who are not familiar with Ige, he is a toddler Traegon form Traegonia the Ember Rune. His mim is Zuri and she is ‘with Traegon’ (Having a baby Traegon) Ige’s quest will be to find the perfect name for his sibling. Stay tuned for updates on Ige’s Quest and up coming contests.
One last thing, we are coming into the last month of our current contest. Our ‘Start Seeing Traegons’ Writing Contest ends December 19. If you haven’t gotten your submission in yet, it is time to “GET ON IT” Head on over to our website for complete details and your submission form.
We hope everyone has a Safe and Wonderful upcoming Holiday Season and Joy and Fun with Family and Friends. Please always remember those less fortunate. Seems there are many more in this trying economic climate. I send with this email, thoughts to all for peace, strength and love, what ever your situation.
Onward Friends of Traegonia
We Love You!!
K.S. Krueger

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