Where Will Traegons Turn Up Next

Traegons are mystical creatures of the forest, and although they look a bit scary they are actually kind and gentle with so much to share. In book one, Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy, Traegons make their first appearance in a forest in a rural town in the midwest state of Illinois. They share with the reader not only their adventure but they introduce the reader to other creatures who play important roles in the natural world around us. Some are creatures we see every day and others are ones we may never see or may never see again. These are real creatures that are protected or endangered in the areas where the story is set. Book two, Traegonia the Ember Rune, takes the main characters, Dino, Karia and Juna to the mountains of Northern California. Here they meet a couple of young girls and a whole new community of Traegons.  Once again they also meet other creatures, real animals, that have their own story to tell. A story more real than you might imagine. Traveling with the Traegons on their journey is more than just an adventure series, but an intertwining of friendships, knowledge, and understanding. Each place that they explore in each book in the series will also give the reader bits of knowledge about these very real places.

Book three, still untitled, will take Dino, Karia and Juna into an urban setting, where they will discover a rogue group of Traegons who have over time been separated from their culture and their ways. They have become scavengers and found very creative ways to survive in one of the largest cities in the United States. The adventure awaits….. We are really excited about book three and will keep you posted. New geographic location, new Traegons, new real life lessons, we look forward to continuing to bring their world to you and you decide, are they real? Do you believe?

Traegons live anywhere there is earth, trees, land and anywhere they can hide and remain undiscovered, so that is potentially all over the world. Where will they turn up next? Give us your answer in the comments section on our poll.

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