Welcome to the World of Traegonia!

The World of Traegonia is a creative project started by Kim Krueger and Dino C. Crisanti. It is the blending and melding of inspirations come alive. Dino is a toy inventor by trade and a sculptor and artist. Kim is a writer and business woman. It was the sculptures created by Dino that inspired Kim to give them a world and a life. Our first book, Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy, was published in June of 2009. The second book, Traegonia the Ember Rune will release later this year.

 Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy, is the first book in the Traegonia Series, a
middle grade, rural fantasy adventure, interwoven with messages of friendship,
looking beyond outward appearances, conservation and believing in yourself.

Dino, an average boy from the Midwest, finds himself in a fateful
encounter with two young Traegons, in a local forest. These two-foot tall
forest dwelling creatures resemble a cross between a troll and a dragon.
Looking beyond their strange appearance, Dino chooses to learn more about them
and discovers friendship in this most unlikely meeting. Their bond is
strengthened, when the home of the Traegons, becomes threatened by an
unscrupulous developer. Now Dino, Karia and Juna, must find a way to stop Mr.
Billson and his despicable scheme. An ancient Traegon Prophecy is revealed and
the three allies find that their friendship is the key that sets the prophecy
in motion. Follow them as the adventure unfolds and the World of Traegonia is
unveiled. Learn of this incredible world within our own and you decide…

is it real?

Do you Believe?


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